Entertainment Shows & Concerts Management

Fret establishing itself as complete media services provider. AUM Events now introduces itself as a complete entertainment services provider too. We know entertainment is a very vast industry & one has to be very well equipped to establish itself as complete entertainment services providers but fortunately & as a result of our hard earned approach we are thoroughly capable to provide all those services, hence we truly establish our self as complete & competent entertainment managers. Our database includes more than a thousand entertainment services providers who are specialized into their own streams & are well connected to fulfill any requirement as per the client’s needs. They are professionals from the relative background and are leading on top since not just years but from decades. Along with the well established professionals we also locate & give chance young thinkers to infuse new & fresh energies into the industry.

Entertainment is something that gives you pleasure but we extend it to the pleasure of quality & class so it could be any kind of entertainment with any element right fromB AUM Events is the only ADVERTISING AGENCY in India for your one shop total solution for economic corporate filmmaking by our Creative Advertising Expertise.

  • Media planning
  • Radio programmers
  • Movie releases
  • Theatre plays
  • Sports management
  • Fairs
  • Festive celebrations etc
  • Festive celebrations etc
  • Dance shows,
  • Exhibitions
  • Reality shows
  • Television auditions
  • Event managements
  • Talent management
  • Public relations

Our team of professionals is competent enough to provide you a complete management of any entertaining event in any scenario. Our objective is to reach everyone & everywhere.

If we say entertainment management we here mean with ANYTHING & EVERYTHING related to the entertainment industry. Right from managing the entertainment (including event management, movie productions, television shows production, creative writing services, technical aid into media industry, equipment services, talent hunts, celebrities management, model coordinators, artist managers, traveling management, concert managements, holiday packages, wedding management) to selling the entertainment (Like publicity & promotions, road shows, advertising, event managements, eb  marketing, media coverage etc)

Term entertainment is a very wholesome phenomenon & it has everything into it. But believe us that we provide you that everything in totality to offer our services in a really credible manner.

So letb s give a completely different & new definition to the term entertainment from just pleasure to a lot more…

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