Ad Filmmaking Services

AUM Events is not only exclusively about making movies b  we also offer trustworthy ad film making services. We know how to work with the best of the best in Bollywood, Hollywood and beyond. When you turn to AUM Events, you can be sure to have your business promoted in the ways you want. Advertising is all about results, and with the advertising experts at AUM Events Pictures, results are something you will see in no time. Our professionals can design concepts that will sell your product. These video shoots are done with our own sets or clients premises.

AUM Events welcome ad filmmakers who are looking for a chance to show their views in ad filmmaking throughout Bollywood. If you think that you are creative and a good filmmaker please contact Us AtB Info@aumevent.com

Scriptwriting Indian Film Writing Services.

AUM Events can be the one-stop shop solution. Contact us with your budget and we will send you the link to our huge database where you can go through our latest scripts/concepts. We have movies from every genre including but not limited to: Dramas, Romance, Action, Family, and Crossover. We also have writers on staff to develop your basic concept into a full-length feature film script. Please contact us and include some information about yourself and the types of story ideas that you wish to pursue. All of our scripts have been studied by our team of writers and then added to our library so that we can provide professional and unique subjects to our buyers.

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