PR Agency & Movie Promotion

Aum Event And Promotions India Pvt Ltd Co in India provides services for Film Production to Movie Promotion, Media Management, auditioning, etc.

PR Services

  • To draft the invite for the media & press interaction
  • To distribute invites to select mainlines, business & regional publications and regional electronic media.
  • To prepare the Press Release.
  • To arrange the translation of the press release from English to regional language
  • To prepare media kits.
  • To arrange one-on-ones of spokesperson of the board with key media.
  • To follow up for the coverage after the conference
  • To track all news papers/regional electronic media for the coverage.
  • To make a docket of the coverage with media evaluation.

Services for Movie Promotion Deliverable by us

  • Travel (Charter Flight & Local, Luxury cars)
  • Accommodation (Suites)
  • Security b  Security at the press.
  • F & B fore Cast & Crew
  • Special Autographed Audio CDs and Posters
  • Logo in Checkered Backdrop Panel
  • Mall/Collage,
  • Venue for the Press Conference and many more…
  • Inviting Leading Tv Channels of India for Press Conference.
  • We provide also Event planning & Film production, Ad filmmaking services. We provide Media Planning, PR Services which includes Making/Distribution of Press Release through Print, Electronic, Web, TV Channels/ Radio Media in all India.
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